How much is lsat prep course?

Kaplan offers a wide variety of LSAT preparation options to meet the needs of each student. No matter what your learning style, we have an option to help you achieve your LSAT goals. From one-on-one tutoring to live online courses and LSAT preparation books, we'll help you customize an LSAT curriculum that works for you. You can also access our free LSAT preparation resources at any time to supplement your studies.

The length of the Kaplan LSAT prep course varies depending on the course you take. Our online LSAT Live course offers 32 hours of basic classroom instruction plus more than 180 hours of exclusive live and on-demand lessons on the LSAT channel. Our small class LSAT course, held online or in person, offers all of the above with the ability to upgrade to PLUS and add three hours of one-on-one tutoring. Our online LSAT Tutoring+Live course offers one-on-one attention from an LSAT expert as you complete the online course.

You'll get all the benefits of our online LSAT Live course plus 10, 20, 30 or 40 hours of private, 1-on-1 tutoring with an online expert. You have 3 months of access to Kaplan's LSAT preparation courses. With the Kaplan course you will get countless hours of video lessons, practice questions with explanations, exercises, practice tests, study material from prep books and much more. If you've researched LSAT readiness before you came to this page, you probably know that almost all prep companies use real, previously used LSAT questions.

Kaplan's online courses include eight four-hour sessions, two supervised practice exams, more than 60 LSAT tests with self-monitoring tools, and LSAT preparation books. The course includes 160 hours of video lessons, 20 full practice exams and over 9500 official LSAT prep questions. If you are looking for a combination of reasonable cost, study schedule and relevant features, then the 7Sage Ultimate+ plan is the perfect LSAT prep course for you. Affordable LSAT prep courses like 7Sage and Magoosh are a good option for those on a budget, but won't work for those who want one-on-one tutoring.

While, in theory, you could get away without an LSAT preparation course, it would not be advisable. Robin's experience and the way the course is delivered will ensure that any student taking this course will improve their LSAT score. He has leveraged his knowledge of all the best preparation courses for multiple professional certifications to form Crush Empire, a collection of websites dedicated to teaching students how to pass the PMP, LSAT, BAR accreditation exams and many more. You still get the distinguishing features of each prep course: lessons, books, practice problems and tests, etc.

We considered 14 different LSAT prep courses and compared them on a variety of characteristics, including price, breadth of study materials, and quality of instruction. Due to its large volume of high-quality content, reasonable retail price, and higher score guarantee, the LSATMax Intensive Package is the best LSAT prep course on the market. The LSAT 165+ preparation course provides 84 hours of instruction from an LSAT expert, 150 hours of online drills and explanations, as well as access to more than 8,000 LSAT-style questions, including six full practice tests.

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