Should you take an sat prep course?

In general, it is best to choose an exam date that is at least two months before the due date of your college applications. One reason you should take a SAT preparation course is because it allows you to get an idea of the test environment. Many prep courses are held on the same college campuses where students take the actual exam, and you may even find that your class meets in the same conference room where you will be taking the exam. This helps you get an idea of how the room will feel on the day of the test.

The instructor in charge of the class may even offer practice test sessions that mimic the standards used by the test. Quietly taking an exam with other students around is very different from practicing an exam at home, in your dorm room. While test preparation courses will improve your SAT or ACT score, improvements are usually minimal. Most of the statistics that claim that scores have increased a lot are carried out by mentoring agencies looking to improve their reputation and attract customers.

Many of those results are exaggerated and promise to increase test scores by hundreds of points. The most likely result for improvement is closer to an additional 30 points on the SAT and one or two points on the ACT. The more time you spend studying for the SAT, the better. The sooner you start preparing, the easier it will be for you to determine in which areas you need more support or study time.

For most students, it is advisable to begin their SAT preparation at least two months before the test date. We recommend that students prepare as if they were taking their first SAT in the fall of their junior year. There are a few reasons for this. To begin with, doing a test in the fall still leaves plenty of time to get the results and retest in spring if you wish.

And, by taking the test during the fall of your junior year, there will be more time to devote to preparation without the added stressors of AP exams. That's why we've tried to include exam preparation courses that are offered in as many formats as possible, including in-person instruction, live online instruction, and on-demand online sessions. Focusing on a test preparation course that has instructions that match your learning style, such as videos and infographics for visual students, can help you better retain information and be more prepared for the SAT when test day arrives. Ideally, anyone who helps you prepare for the SAT preparation course will know that you need to start preparing for the SAT well in advance.

Many companies or private counselors will tell you that your SAT preparation courses will result in score improvements of 100 points or more. Regardless of the type of preparation course you attend, your teacher will work with you individually to help you do your best. Taking a SAT preparation course not only teaches you how to prepare for the SAT, but it also shows you how to conduct your own study sessions to maximize your chances of success. Some of the reasons you should take a SAT preparation course include learning new tips and having access to sample tests.

A SAT preparation course will show you what to do when you get to a question you don't understand, how to divide your time in each section, and even what you can and can't bring to the test. News %26 World Report recommends that students seek preparatory courses that understand that student's specific learning styles. When you start preparing is up to you, but for most students, it's best to start preparing for the SAT at least two months before your test date. While most online prep courses offer their own practice tests, you can also access a large selection of SAT practice tests and other important College Board resources.

The time that best suits you may vary, but you want to take a SAT preparation course for the early parts of your long-term preparation, given at least a few months in advance. Preparation courses aren't cheap, and it's important that you know exactly how they can help (or hurt) you during the college admissions process, as well as how to weigh their value against current changes in the application process. Budgeting is often one of the most important things to consider when selecting an online SAT preparation course. .


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